The Best New Dallas Cocktail Bars of 2016


Let's just say it, since everyone seems to be on the same page, here: 2016 has been a bitch of a year. With too many celebrity deaths to count, an election that yielded more Facebook fights than an anti-vaxxer video, the premature closing of fantastic bars we already miss (RIP Vicini, On the Lamb and Knuckle Sandwich) and an 80-degree Christmas, who knows what the remaining days of this cursed year may bring?


Keeping Tabs: ILL Minster Pub


No matter which direction i walked, the blue dot on my iphone’s gps seemed to move away from the ILL Minster Pub. Eventually, I realized it was inside Uptown Urban Market. I pushed into the food hall that opened last year, passed Bar Up and Buda Juice—and walked into a castle chamber.

ILL Minster mixes modern and medieval

The 25 coolest speakeasies in America


Over 80 years ago, bartenders and drinkers alike kept the nation's booze knowledge alive in speakeasies during prohibition. While the temperance movement is long gone, the hidden bars prevail. From upscale dress codes to passwords, these establishments transport you back to a time when drinking was an experience.

country's largest bootleg
— Brittany Fowler

Pour Judgment: Deep Ellum’s ‘Secret’ Bar Truth & Alibi

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Twin brothers Chris and Mark Beardon want to take you to the candy shop. And no, we don’t mean in the creepy 50 Cent kind of way. Three weeks ago they opened The Original Deep Ellum Candy Company, a tiny candy shop that serves as a front for the area’s newest bar: Truth & Alibi.

Truth & Alibi

2014’s Best New Cocktail Bars In DFW

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DFW is a growing area with new restaurants and bars opening constantly. The metroplex has some of the best places for craft everything from beer, to food to cocktails. With fresh ingredients, creative combinations and great flavors, the cocktails in DFW are some of the best you’ll find anywhere. These new bars just opened in 2014 and are offering great cocktails, many with delicious food pairings or interesting themes.So & So’s

Cocktail Bar
— Kelsi Gerwell

Look inside Punk Society, a new Deep Ellum bar

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In one of Dallas' grittiest neighborhoods, a new bar called Punk Society has opened its doors. Naturally, Punk Society is decked out to look anti-establishment, with graffiti intentionally covering the artwork and both real and figurative middle fingers pointed back at you. But Punk Society is not a punk rock bar, one of the partners tells Central Track. Here, punk is 'about being a rebel in your age. It's not anything to do with punk rock,' he says. Confused? Here's what we know: Punk Society has a full bar. Most of the music comes from DJs. And anyone's welcome.

Punk Society
— GuideLive Contributor

The Tipsy Alchemist

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A recent night out at The Tipsy Alchemist, one of Uptown's newest bars.

The Tipsy Alchemist